How to live to 100 years old

The longevity of your life can be determined by more than just good genes. Your lifespan can be determined by a large number of factors in your life so we break-down a few things you can do to make sure your get the most out of your life. Stay forever young. Try not to act your age all the time and  strive to be more youthful. There are some regions in Japan where you are considered to be a child until the age of 55 after which time there are rituals to induct you into adulthood. We can all take a page out of their book and not take things so seriously all of the time. Remember to do two things often-sleep and have sex. Most North Americans live in a sleep-deprived society. It should be no surprise that the cultures who have the most elderly people are societies that have solid sleep routines. A lack of sleep can cause an imbalance of hormones. On the topic of hormones, a study in North Carolina showed that women who had an active and enjoyable sex life were more likely to live longer than those that didn’t-4 times longer! Have faith. People who live to be 100 years-old or older said that believing you could live as long as you wanted to helped them prolong their lives. The key to living a long life, is to not be afraid of death and embracing the time spent with loved ones. Get moving! Muscles weaken with age so it is important to stay active and rejuvenate those cells and ultimately help with your blood circulation. So get off that couch and get  moving because exercising today will provide long-term benefits for your tomorrow. Connect with those around you. It is proven that people who have a lot of friends and family and remain close with their loved ones live longer-they are happy and have many reasons to stick around for much loner.

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