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Kassandra Jensen ““Upon trying some that a friend recommended, I have found it not only changed my body, confidence and pride, but it has changed my life. I am now much happier and my life feels more fulfilled – I just never knew what I was missing. To some people breast enhancement seems like a very vein act and for people who want attention.  At 33, Kassandra, a busy full time mother of 3 had one new year’s resolution. She wished to bring back one thing that changed her after having children but with least amount of expense and risk.  She has a very modest income and wanted the maximum benefits of her money spent.  She didn’t know what it was going to be until her friend recommended it. Passing up spa treatment, liposuction, collagen injections –she realized that breast enhancement is actually possible without surgery and done naturally! “In the last 5 years I have had 3 beautiful children barely without a single stretchmark. I am only a size 8-10 yet my breasts changed me not only physically but personally. I wanted to hide.  With NaturaFul, I feel like I found myself again. Being only 33 years old, I have many more years of my life to live the fullest. It would be very fulfilling for me by helping others do the same.  “ At 33 years old, Kassandra discovered Naturaful. She took advantage of the 4 jars free. “I literally woke up and I felt like a different person from the inside and out. After few weeks of daily application, the telling sign was that my current bras were not fitting well. My breasts overflowed and I actually had to buy new bras!  I grew an entire cup size. Not only did they get bigger but it is more firm – this is a dream for many mothers who get saggy breasts after having children.   My husband surely noticed and confirmed that Naturaful works!” stated Kassandra Naturaful uses the highest grade of phytoestrogens; which is a weaker form of plant-based estrogen targeting the mammary glands and stimulating new cell growth in the breast in weeks. Naturaful is made in USA, and manufactured in the highest standard facility and is GMP certified and FDA compliant.