How to crack a smile with chapped lips.

While you might be thinking that chapped lips are a thing of this past winter season, it is always a good time to think about moisturizing your lips. These simple tips and inexpensive tricks can provide you with a solution to dry lips that will keep you smiling.

 Snowboarders and winter fanatics know the damage sun and wind can do to the sensitive skin on your lips, it should be no surprise that chapped lips can sneak up at any time. Here are some tips and tricks to deal with stiff burning lips that crack when you smile or talk.

Even though chapped lips can seem like a common and irritating beauty issue, it is actually a medical issue called cheilitis. Cheilitis is a condition in which the moisture is removed from certain parts of your body due to overexposure to elements like the sun, wind and cold without the necessary protection. While it is more common to have chapped lips in the winter, the UV rays from the hot summer sun can burn your lips and leave them cracked and dried out-an all too familiar winter condition.

One easy thing to forget is that your lips need the same attention that the rest of the skin on your body needs. One way to avoid the plague of chapped lips is to moisturize your lips with the same dedication that you do to the rest of your body. When you go out in the sun you make a habit to apply sunscreen and protect your body, so do the same with your lips.

Always be sure to avoid licking your lips over and over again as it can lead to even more severe skin issues. And last but not least use lip balm throughout the day. But don’t be fooled into buying expensive market-brand lip balms, because even home-made remedies can do the trick. Look for recipes online that combine natural ingredients such as coconut oil,  raw vitamin E and peppermint extract all of whichcan be very effective in combating your chapped-lip woes.

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