Boost your brain power

Life in the modern world consists of hustle and bustle, giving you almost no time to take a step back and give your brain the boost it needs to get through the work week.

It should be no surprise that yoga has a calming effect on your mind, body and soul, but recent research shows that certain types of meditation may help build tissue on the parts of the brain that deal with attention span and perceptiveness. Follow these simple tips to recharge your brain.

Mindful meditation
This ancient Buddhist form of meditation does not require you to repeat a mantra, but simply asks you to focus your mind on one thing without distraction from the usual buzz and hum of your surroundings. It can also be practised by eating one piece of fruit and slowly savouring its taste and texture-a great way to relieve your mind of what tasks you still need to complete by the end of the week.

Switch hands
Open the door or brush your teeth with your “wrong” hand, in order to get your brain to think in ways that deter from the nowm.

Rearrange household objects
Move objects you habitually reach for without thinking in the morning such as the alarm clock or the coffee pot so that your brain shifts into a mode where it needs to focus more instead of depending entirely on routine and it can wake you up in the morning.

Use stimulating aromas
After your morning shower use scented oils to get your brain stimulated. Also use scented candles around the house to keep your mind always awake and alert.

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