5 secrets women never tell you

It’s not a surprise that women are good at keeping secrets. We reveal the secrets that women will never tell you no matter how many times you ask.

1. What she talks about when she’s out with her friends
Unless you become a fly on the wall, there is no way a woman will ever tell you what she gabs about with her girlfriends. Whether she says good things or bad things about you (or nothing at all!) she will never give you a summary of what was discussed on her girl’s night out.

2. Her shopping budget
Women will never reveal how much they actually spent on shopping or how much they set aside each month for shopping, because-let’s face it- they probably don’t even know how much they spent themselves.

3. How many boyfriends she has had
A women’s actual number of boyfriends is locked in a vault that no one has access to. So guys, try as you might but this is one secret that you will never be let in on.

4. Women never tell you how bad the date is
Even if she had a horrible time with you on your first date, she will never say it to your face, but instead call up her girlfriend later and dish on everything that happened. Sorry guys, but a lack of communication after a first-date is an obvious sign that she is not interested in a second one.

5.Women will never admit they get facial hair too
Even the most beautiful women get facial hairs, but a woman will go to any length to bleach, wax or shave hair in order to not look like her more masculine counterpart.

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