6 Health tests you MUST get

We are all aware that as we age, both men and women should be screened for certain health issues. Going for  tests and checkups can be scary however it can also prevent further health problems . While some are more common than others it is important that every aspect of your body is looked after. We have compiled some tests that are often overlooked and left in the dark.

1. Skin Test

By knowing what your normal skin looks like it becomes easier to spot when there is something abnormal. You should do a self check of your skin once  a month which includes checking your moles to make sure they are not growing in size, changing in colour or causing pain. People aged 18-39 should have their skin checked by a doctor every 3 years and for those over the age of 39, it should increase to once a year.

2. Bone Mineral Density Test

Bone health is important for men and women but is even more vital to women who are more prone to bone disease. This test should be performed on women from 50-64 if there is a history of osteoporosis in their family. Every women should be tested by the time they are 65.

3. Hearing Test

Most of us like to think their hearing is fine but in reality a large portion of men and women suffer from some type of hearing loss. Although it may seem obvious (or not obvious) when your hearing is not as good as it once was, it is important to have a professional test your hearing in order to accurately predict and prevent hearing loss.

4. Diabetes

A simple blood-sugar level test can detect if you are at risk of getting diabetes. People who have a history of diabetes in their diets should be even more adamant about getting testing regularly.

5. Spirometry

Ever heard of this one? Spirometry is a simple lung test that checks how good your lungs are at performing their daily functions (filling up with air and emptying air) and also checks the size of your lungs. Many respiratory conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) cause changes in the size of the lungs or in the ability to blow air out. These changes can be caused by blocked or inflamed airways, or by damage to the supporting structure, which is why detecting these changes early on in life is important.

6. Oral health

Let’s face it-many of us do not enjoy making a trip to the dentist with all of the drilling, poking and prodding in your mouth. But going to to the dentist at least once a year can prevent major diseases like gingivitis and can even prevent certain types of oral cancer.

Getting through theses regular tests may seem like a daunting task, but in the long-run you will be happy you chose to get them done regularly for an ease of mind and for potential prevention.


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