Green Bean Coffee Claims: Fact or Fiction?

Green Bean Coffee Claims: Fact or Fiction?

“The Dr. Oz Show,” recently claimed green coffee bean extract was a “fat burner that helps women lose weight.” In his study of 100 women, half were given a placebo and half were given 400mg of the extract three times a day. The women who took the extract lost two pounds on average, while the placebo group lost an average of one pound.

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However, few published studies have examined the extract’s effects on weight loss, and obviously none have been done long term thus far. In a recent study, researchers gave 16 overweight adults low doses of green coffee bean extract, high doses of the supplement, or a placebo for 6 weeks each with a 2-week break in between each step. Results of the study found that subjects who took the extract lost about 18 pounds on average (more than 10 percent of their body weight). For more information on these studies see the original article here.

The extract is mostly available in pill form, Starbucks has also added it as part of a new line of low-calorie drinks, which are being promoted as a “boost of natural energy,” but didn’t mention any weight loss benefits.

The green coffee bean extract has created a lot of buzz since the show, though it seems unworthy. A one pound difference between the placebo and extract group in Dr. Oz’s study doesn’t really seem worth the cost of supplements, or Starbucks coffee for that matter. It’s probably best to stick with what we know works for now, exercise and eating right.

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