Cheese Please

Cheese can be beneficial to you in many ways

Here are some Reasons why you should add cheese to your diet.

Great for your teeth, even better for your bones: Cheese is extremely rich in calcium, and that’s one important ingredient in making your teeth strong and healthy. It can stimulate saliva which helps keep you mouth clean and puts you at less of a risk for gum disease, severe plaque buildup and gingivitis. Because of the large amount of calcium, cheese helps build up strong bones and could put you at less risk for bone diseases like osteoporosis

For healthy skin: Vitamin B is great for maintaining a healthy complexion as well as preventing skin problems, such as acne and blemishes. This is why cheese is so good for you! Rich in Vitamin B, cheese helps to give you the natural and healthy glow that your skin needs. Vitamin B reduces stress and by effect, will prevent breakouts causes by stress.

Prevents cancer: Cheese contains compounds called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and sphingolipids, which studies suggest help prevent cancer. These compounds are milk-fat components that could potentially reduce your risk of certain chronic diseases and improve your longevity.

Powers your immune system: Certain types of cheese like blue cheese and cheddar cheese are known to enhance the body’s defence mechanism against diseases due to the types of healthy bacteria that are used to make certain soft cheese. The use of this bacteria helps your body creat antibodies more effectively and ultimatley helps to ward of viruses and infections.

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